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We provide cleaning laser sales or onsite mobile laser cleaning for a variety of applications including: paint, oils, grease, rust, oxides, delicate artifacts, weld cleaning, preparing surface for adhesion, mold cleaning for manufacturing, and more. Very little environmental impact, and no damage to the surface. 

ADVANTAGES of laser cleaning:

  • no mess or dust to clean up

  • abrasion free, non-contact technology

  • no harsh solvents or chemical products are used

  • no waste to dispose of

  • dry and clean

  • safe for any substrate, even delicate surfaces

  • environmentally friendly

Industry applications


Aircraft coating removal, rust and oxide cleaning, welding preparation of surfaces, part grease cleaning, etc.


Removal of grease, oils, carbon deposits, rust, powder coating on painted wheels, paint and primer. 

Restoration of antique cars and boats.

Building Maintenance

Removal of paint, lead paints and rust. Graffiti removal, stone and concrete cleaning. The laser will not cause a lot of dust or pollutants. We use a fume vacuum to suck up airborne pollution that may cause problems in areas such as malls. 

Chemical Industry

Cleaning of plant parts with no damage to substrates.

Food and Beverage

Surface contamination such baked on food, grease or oils can be removed. Small amounts of dust are sucked up by a fume vacuum. 


Cleaning of welds, molds, oxide removal oils, grease, powder coatings, and cleaning of parts before adhesion process. 

Oil Industry

Heavy rust, grease, oils, paints, lead paints, plastic coatings, oxides,  welds, parts cleaning, delicate parts cleaning. No damages done to surfaces


Cleaning of chemical holding tanks, and more.

Power Generation

Cleaning of steam turbines, wind turbines, insulators, contacts, oxides, carbon deposits and more.

No damage to the surfaces.



Delicate cleaning of stone, concrete, metal, multifaceted pieces. No surface damage.

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