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Laser Rust Removal

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Enviro Industrial Laser is an official agent of 4Jet technologies GmbH. We are committed to providing this superior laser technology for surface cleaning. 

Troy, the director, has electronics, Industrial laser safety, and over 20 years of experience working as a project manager in the construction industry. Over the years, there has been a movement toward greener alternatives to minimize the impact on our environment. Troy saw this new technology as the future of environmentally friendly surface cleaning and ventured out to pursue this opportunity.

Enviro Industrial Laser is leading the way in laser cleaning and invite you to try this new technology. You will be amazed at the superior results that leaves substrates unharmed, without the use of harsh chemicals, and abrasive materials. We will be happy to discuss how this new technology and service can benefit your company. 

The Laser

Laser cleaning may be something you haven't heard of. It is a proven technology used by many manufacturers. This is how laser cleaning works; The laser scans a 4" wide beam onto any surface, cleaning off oxides, oil films, paints, powder coatings and enamels without damage to the substrate. It can even clean wood surfaces! Laser cleaning improves the bond of paint, powder coatings and many other coatings. In fact, these lasers provide the same adhesion as sandblasting or up to 25% better adhesion if cleaned by a high power laser! What's surprising is laser cleaning does not roughen or profile the surface! This method only uses a laser beam to vaporize the layer to be removed, there is literally no consumables with this laser cleaning technology. Further, no solvents or harsh chemical products are used, so no chemical waste to dispose of.

Laser cleaning is of interest for various industrial processes. Such as lead paint removal, cleaning in confined spaces, inside of buildings (no mess), cleaning the inside of vessels, industrial moulds for the production of rubber, plastic, glass, cleaning of wood structures, and for environmentally sensitive areas.

Laser cleaning is a new technology that is set to overcome the challenges faced in many industrial cleaning applications. 

Laser Machine
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