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Laser Rust And Paint Removal

The Benefits of Laser Rust Removal and Laser Paint Removal

Laser rust removal and laser paint removal is fairly new, many people have never heard of it, and as such, they have no idea what the advantages are to using this method of paint or rust removal for their project. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits associated with laser paint and rust removal.

Laser Removal Decreases Dust

One of the biggest benefits associated with laser rust removal and laser paint removal is that laser cleaning decreases dust and flying residue. There are many health hazards associated with the removal of rust and paint. This method is safer because it eliminates flying dust and residue, helping to keep your workspace much cleaner.

Laser Removal is The Best Method for Lead Paint Removal

Another benefit to laser removal is that it is the most efficient method to remove lead paint. As the laser is removing paint, a vacuum is sucking up debris and fumes keeping the area very clean. A lot of companies encompasses this technology because they do not need to close off a large area or provide hoarding. Only a small area at a time is closed off. One company did an air quality test to determine lead in the air and they found that there was nothing!

Laser Rust and Paint Removal

Laser Removal is Environmentally-Friendly

Finally, laser removal is environmentally-friendly. There are no harsh chemicals or solvents that are used during the stripping or removal process. This makes laser cleaning one of the most environmentally-friendly rust and paint removal methods on the market.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of laser rust removal or laser paint removal for yourself? Then Enviro Industrial Laser is here to assist you. Call or email us today to obtain an estimate to have laser removal used on your metal items.

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